This is 6:47 - Featuring CTAC High School Portfolio Students

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    Carnegie East Gallery

    This is 6:47 is a student designed and curated exhibition featuring the work from the CTAC High School Portfolio Program.

    High School Portfolio is a studio-based program designed to help students develop a strong creative portfolio and opportunities for critique, portfolio reviews, and guidance on documenting and presenting artwork. 

    Featured artists:

    Lila Bowerman - Lily Edson - Emery Luyt - Jayden McPeake - Catherine Melcher - Petra Wilson



    A quote from instructor, Royce Deans:

    As the primary instructor for the High School Portfolio Program at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Traverse City, I feel the responsibility of presenting meaningful projects that inspire and feed the creativity of these fabulous young artists.

    I am so impressed by the natural ability they each possess. Their interest and engagement with self-expression through the visual arts gives me hope for the future. The future of the state of the arts and my hope for humanity's future is greatly increased. 

    I believe that art, specifically the making of it, is a practice that is good for society and the individual. Important skills such as problem solving, communication, sharing and expressing of ideas, a sense of accomplishment, curious exploration and more are nourished and developed.

    The goal of providing a safe and fertile environment to freely explore and create has been accomplished. Enthusiastic support of ideas along with discussions of how those ideas might be realized is one of the pillars of the High School Portfolio program.

    I have to say that as I consider what happens in these after school sessions, I often feel jealous that I did not have one like this when I was in high school.

    As a witness to the serious intention and focus these very special artists bring each week to class, I am inspired beyond belief. So when I see their excellent work and hear about awards, honors, internships and scholarships they have accumulated I am extremely proud.



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