Kaleidoscope: Recent Work by Lindsey Claire Newman (Opens January 14)

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    Lindsey Claire Newman's deceptively simple mixed-media collages reflect complex themes of time, creation, deconstruction, and Motherhood. Through expressive textures and layered fields of color, Newman's works are physical meditations on personal experiences that speak a universal language. In her recent work, Newman celebrates the impulsive, insistent need to create -- an approach to making inspired by working alongside her children. 

    "Small children approach making in a way that is often futile beyond its creation. In repeated observance of this act, this work came through me in the same spirit that fuels making robot sculptures out of the recycling bin and smashing freshly completed sandcastles. The acts of creation and destruction have always been inextricably linked and since my first moments of Motherhood I have found it to be the basis of everything." ~ Lindsey Claire Newman


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    Lindsey Claire Newman

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