Coffee @ 10: John Perkins

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    Join us for a presentation with retired GM automobile designer, John Perkins (Public Program), and see his work in the exhibition: Michigan, An American Portrait. 

    John W. Perkins will share information about his career in automobile design in the 1960s. John W. Perkins was Assistant Chief Designer of the Chevy II, Buick and Oldsmobile Studios before serving as the Chief Designer for the Olds II, Olds I, Advanced 3, and Cadillac CTS Studio. Perkins has been on the design teams for GM cars including the ‘66 Toronado, ‘67 Eldorado, ‘68-’69 Cadillac, ‘69-’70 Pontiac GTO and Firebird, and more.

    This event is in-person and online via Zoom and Facebook.

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