Coffee @ 10 with Benjamin Cheney of The Croft Residency

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    In his Coffee @ 10 presentation, Benjamin Cheney will talk about his experience holding space for embodiment and the creative process, and share ways to engage with movement languages that feel foreign. Ben will also highlight the work being done through The Croft Residency and announce the resident artists for the upcoming season.

    This event is taking place in person at CTAC-Petoskey and online via Zoom or Facebook.

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    The Croft Residency 
    was founded by Benjamin Cheney in Northern Michigan in the winter of 2018, under the name Crojik’s Croft, to provide a nature-based residency for artists. It is inspired by his experience at other artist residencies across the US, and by his deep commitment to nurturing the links between the land and those of who draw from it physical, spiritual, and creative nourishment. 

    The residency is designed to provide a platform and refuge where visiting performance, dance, and other movement-based artists can develop new work, hone and rework developing projects, and draw inspiration from the variety of nature that is both part of and surrounds The Croft. For example, during the 2018 season, one resident company specifically focused on the relationship between land and water. The collective made numerous visits to and performed at the nearby Fisherman’s Island State Park, located on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

    Other companies have developed new work using grand old trees on the residency property almost as adjunct company members. The residency strives to provide a meeting space where artists, audiences, and the community engage with each other. The performing arts are often perceived as inaccessible to a broad audience. Our residency seeks to shatter that illusion. Our artists engage directly with the community through workshops, and informal sharings. 

    The residency is a continuing evolution of over 10 years of research and embodiment in communal living, movement and balance, and site research. The Cheney family purchased the site in 2016.


    Benjamin Cheney

    Guest Lecturer
    CTAC Petoskey