Untravel the World Sketchbook Workshop Series: Mendocino Coast, California (Online)

    Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
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    Don’t you miss traveling? In this four-part workshop series, you will virtually visit a different location each week, learning to visually translate your experiences and relive the age of travel from your own home. You will learn how to quickly sketch and capture an environment with the use of photos. These skills can be applied to your future travel plans, or find new ways to appreciate the space and environment around you. Each class will have its own emphasis, and will build upon the previous session, though you can take them separately. There will be time at the end of each class for a happy hour and share of the progress everyone has made. This will be a great opportunity to build community and share the love of travel with your fellow peers.

    You can find the full itinerary below:

    Paris, France (emphasis on architecture) - January 14th, 6  - 8pm EST
    Santorini, Greece (emphasis on people and architecture) - January 21st, 6  - 8pm EST
    La Boca, Argentina (emphasis on color) - January 28th, 6  - 8pm EST
    Mendocino Coast, California (emphasis on composition) - February 4th, 6  - 8pm EST

    This class is intended for beginning and intermediate learners 16+.



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    Ingrid Shults

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