Learning COLOR with Julia McGrath (ONLINE)

    Wednesdays, 1-4 PM
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    11th grade - Adult
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    This is an online class taught via Zoom. Registered students will be emailed a Zoom link prior to the first class.

    Whether you’re using oils, watercolors, pastels, markers, or colored pencils, it’s all about color. Color sets the mood, references emotion, illustrates depth, and describes objects. The keys to understanding color and how to use it aren’t difficult to learn, but they do take some practice and a lot of exploration.  

    This online class, Learning COLOR, will take you through the "must-have basics" of color theory, the color wheel, complementary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and color schemes.  The Students will also learn the differences between hues, tints, values, and color temperature (warm and cool).

    This class will be taught online, using Zoom. Each three-hour class will be based on handouts that will be sent to the student prior to each class, and there will be a hands-on painting exercise to learn each concept through practice.

    Week One: The Color Wheel
    Week Two: Properties of Color; Monochromatic and Complementary Color Schemes
    Week Three: Saturation; Triadic and Tetradic Color Schemes
    Week Four: Color Temperature; Analogous and Split-Complementary Color Schemes
    Week Five: Color Mixing; Working with Neutrals 

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    Julia McGrath

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