Teach at CTAC Traverse City

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    September 17-November 16 with holiday workshops until mid December

    We are accepting workshop and class proposals for Fall Session (September 17 - November 16) and Holiday Workshops (November 18-December 15)

    Please use this link for each proposal.  If you prefer to send a class proposal by email - send to Kristi@crookedtree.org

    Proposals for Fall session need to be submitted on or before June 16 (proposals received before May 31 will have first consideration). Holiday workshop proposals will be accepted until October 15.

    Your proposal should include the following information-

    • Name
    • Contact information
    • Title of workshop/class
    • Age group of intended student
    • Level of intended student
    • Brief description of workshop/class
    • If you are new to teaching at CTAC or haven't taught at CTAC in the past 9 months please include your teaching experience and one reference related to your teaching.