School of Ballet Class Policies


  • If Petoskey Schools are closed due to snow, there will be no classes.
  • If a student is out due to Covid-19, they may still participate in class via Zoom. Please contact the Assistant to the Artistic Director for a Zoom link.
  • If a student misses class, they may make it up any time during the current session by taking an additional class offered at their level during the week.
  • If a student has an injury, they are encouraged to watch class and take notes.
  • Dancers must arrive to class on time prepared and ready to dance.
  • There is absolutely NO talking during class, unless it is a question or comment to the instructor.
  • No gum or food may be brought into the studio for ANY reason.
  • Students must follow the School of Ballet dress code.*
  • More serious students are encouraged to attend more than one class per week, as regular study ensures more rapid progress.
  • Pre-professional dance classes are by audition/invitation only. Pre-professional Ballet students are required to attend at least 5 classes per week.


*School of Ballet Dress Code

Attire for Ballet

  • Ladies
    Solid colored leotard, full-footed pink tights, and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers. Ballet skirts are optional. Long hair must be in a secure, slicked-back bun. Short hair must be pulled back, out of the face.
  • Gentlemen
  • White tee or tank, black tights or shorts, dance belt or dance briefs underneath tights, and white or black ballet slippers. Long hair must be pulled into a ponytail. 
  • Pointe Shoes
    Students must receive permission from the Artistic Director in order to wear or be fitted for pointe shoes.

Attire for Dance Fusion

  • Form-fitting top, athletic bottoms such as leggings, joggers or athletic shorts and bare feet. Hair secured out of the face.


We recommend purchasing dance wear at: