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2018 Winter/Spring Session: January 15-May 19*

Registration for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra closes on March 1, 2018. 
*No classes will be held March 19-April 6

Check back soon for information about our Summer Strings Program!

Strings & Youth Orchestra Program

Students wishing to learn how to play the violin, viola, cello and string bass will progress through aged and skill-leveled, comprehensive classes.  We even offer daytime and evening adult strings classes! Beginning and Intermediate Strings classes meet for 45 minutes twice a week after school.

Class Ages Description
Little Stars Strings I & II 5-8 This class utilizes a slower pace than the Beginning Strings class, with a focus on ear training rather than reading.  Students in the Little Stars program will learn basic music skills such as keeping time, counting rhythms, and adjusting pitch. 
Beginning Strings 9-17 For students with no prior experience.  Students will learn the basics of string instrument playing, including playing position, bow hold, playing technique, simple rhythms, and reading music.
Intermediate Strings 9-17 For students who have completed Beginning Strings.  Students will learn about new notes, hand positions, rhythms, and advanced bowing techniques.  Upon completion of the course, students can move on to Concert Orchestra.
Concert Orchestra 10+ For students who have completed intermediate strings.  Students will learn how to play as part of an ensemble, further developing their music reading and rhythm-counting skills.  Concert Orchestra members get to experience playing a wide variety of music, from classical to pop and rock hits.
Chamber Orchestra 13+ Our top strings orchestra.  Students will learn to play more advanced music in a variety of genres, and continue to develop their ensemble-playing skills.
Symphony Orchestra 13+ Provides local woodwind, brass, and percussion players with the opportunity to perform with string players in a traditional symphonic orchestra.  Repertoire includes masterworks from some of the greatest composers of the last 400 years. 
Adult Strings Adult A faster-paced version of our Beginning and Intermediate Strings youth classes.  No prior musical knowledge or experience is necessary. 


Jazz Program

The Crooked Tree Arts Center Jazz Program features a variety of classes for middle school students, high school students, and adults.  The Jazz Program places a strong emphasis on traditional jazz music, with occasional forays into fusion, funk, and modern pop and rock hits.  Members of the Crooked Tree Arts Center Jazz Program will learn about jazz theory, solo improvisation, section and ensemble playing, and jazz performance.  All brass and woodwind instruments are welcome, as well as piano, guitar, bass, and drums.  Check out our Jazz Program class offerings below and find the one that’s right for you!

Class Ages Description
Jazz Lab Band 11-14 Students will learn the basics of jazz performance, improvisation, and jazz music theory.  
Jazz Combo 14+ For students interested in playing in a small-to-medium-sized jazz group.  Students will learn the basics of solo improvisation and jazz theory, and get a change to perform in public.  
Symphonic Jazz Orchestra 13+ For intermediate to advanced musician interested in playing in a jazz band, student will learn to play traditional jazz standards in a big band setting, and will also combine with the Chamber Orchestra to perform some rock hits.  
Jazz Orchestra 13+ CTAC's top jazz ensemble.  Members will learn about advanced jazz theory and solo improvisation techniques, and play music with more sophisticated rhythms and melodies.  The Jazz Orchestras repertoire places a heavy emphasis on classic jazz tunes, with occasional forays into modern music in other genres.


Ukulele Program

Did you know that the ukulele is a great starter instrument for those who want to learn to play the guitar? Already know how to play the ukulele?  You’ll be glad to know that we’re adding the Crooked Tree Ukulele Orchestra for ages 10 to adult! This community group will rehearse and perform a range of music from pop tunes to classical masterworks. Bring your soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele and get ready to jam!

Class Ages Description
Beginning Ukulele 8+ This class is for students with no prior experience. Students will learn how to hold the ukulele, make and change simple chord shapes with their left hand, and count basic rhythms and strumming patterns.  Kids and adult classes available.  
Intermediate Ukulele 8+ For students who have completed Beginning Ukulele.  Students will learn how to play scales and melodies, as well as adding new chord shapes and strumming patterns into their skill set.  Upon completion of this class, students can move on to the Ukulele Orchestra. Kids and adult classes available.
Ukulele Orchestra 10+ For students who have completed Intermediate Ukulele, or anyone who is proficient paying ukulele and reading music.  This community group rehearses and performs arrangements of popular rock tunes, TC and movie themes, and classical masterworks.


Rock Band Program

Crooked Tree School of Music offers Garage Band for intermediate-level, middle school students, and the more advanced, Crooked Tree All-Star Band for high school students.  Guitar and bass players, percussionists, keyboards and vocalists are welcome!

Class Ages Description
Garage Band 12-18 This group provide an introduction to rock band rehearsal and performance. Students will learn how to keep time, communicate, and coordinate as a band unit, develop their vocal and instrumental skills, and rehearse and perform rock hits from the past sixty years.
All-Star Band 13-18 Our top rock band.  Members of this group will learn more complex, riff-based classic and contemporary tunes, featuring more advanced rhythms and harder grooves.


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