Place Your Bid! The Little Mermaid: School of Ballet Featured Artwork

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Each year an original piece of art is created for the CTAC School of Ballet's spring performance. The featured artwork is auctioned off to generate funds for the School of Ballet. This year’s featured artist is Karen French.

Kalamazoo artist and friend of the program, Karen French, began conceptualizing this exquisite piece for CTAC School of Ballet’s, The Little Mermaid, in early 2020. The breathtaking vulnerability, beauty and pain in the Hans Christian Andersen story is perfectly captured and expressed through Karen’s Mermaid. Masterfully and collaboratively aligned with our vision for the ballet. Karen graciously donated this piece to the program and all proceeds will directly support the School of Ballet programming.

Artist Statement:

“She was fired center of kiln, the highest spot in our wood fire at 2,300 degrees for 4 days. Elements of fire, clay and water formed into the lyric of the Mermaid’s sad tale. Longing to be human, longing for love. The base is lined with intentional kintsugi, a gold leaf line symbolizing renewal after breaking. Instead of hiding the hurt, it is illuminated.”


The Little Mermaid is on display at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey. Bidding will begin at 10:00am Tuesday, June 8th and will conclude at 4:00pm on Friday, June 18th. Bids may be placed at the CTAC-Petoskey front desk or by calling 231-347-4337.

Starting Bid: $200