PHOTO2020: Juried Photography Exhibition

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CTAC-TC Gallery
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This annual CTAC exhibition recognizes outstanding examples of photography and related media created by Michigan artists. This year’s juror is Ginger Owen-Murakami. Owen-Murakami is associate professor of photography and intermedia at Western Michigan University's Gwen Frostic School of Art. Owen-Murakami’s artwork derives imagery from narratives and themes of family history, race, gender, and culture.

Exhibiting Artists:
Robert deJonge

Henry Droski
Jeremy Whiting
Heather Brooks
Douglas Coon
Michael Libby
Raymond Gaynor
Brian Hunt
Patricia McCleery
Jasmine Petrie
Jason Jones
Winnie Johnston
Daniel Combs
Jennifer Thrift
Lyndsey Spilos
David Littell
Kristina Lishawa
Daniel Welihan
Todd Petersen
Leslie Victor
Emery Cardy
Carly Norris
Marilyn Feather
Paul Rose
Katie Simon
Robert Harold
George McRae
Debra Ridsdale
David Bartlett
Meggen Watt
Sheila Stafford
Jay Petersen
Dianne Carroll Burdick
Kirt Moore
Elizabeth Barick Fall
Steve Loveless
Vasilisa Kiselevich
Richard Browne
Cheryl Correll
Michael Koole

Sponsored in part by Beveled Edges Custom Framing & Printing

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image credit (top left to bottom right): Douglas Coon, Calumet Windows; Elizabeth Barick Fall, 2019 Monthly Moment of Zen; Sheila Stafford, Where Souls Meet; Daniel Combs, Social Justice Portraiture #3 - Families Belong Together; Emery Cardy, Breathless

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