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Thursdays from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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8th grade - 12th grade
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Students in this 6-week course will  learn to identify and apply the fundamentals of art and design to create meaningful works of art. They will create a strong foundation in drawing media and design through an investigation of line, value, form, perspective, and texture. Students will hone their skills while developing their own personal self-expression and artistic voice.  Students will begin to create their own well-rounded, expressive, artistic portfolio.

Week 1 - Use of Line - contour, gesture, and blind.

Week 2- Understanding of shape and form, including symmetrical, symmetrical, radio and crystallographic balance.

Week 3- Cross contour approach in drawing of still life and non-objective art.

Week 4- Understanding of perspective - one-point, two-and three-point perspective and it’s application in an architectural study.

Week 5- Value study in floral design. Understand and create a variety of textures in works of art and creation of 3-D forms. Learn the application of hatching, cross hatching, stippling, and other forms of shading with pencil and Sharpie.

Week 6- Anatomical study of trees and their details. Learn to see what is important in drawing of any tree in a landscape.

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Visual Arts
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