Intuitive Acrylic Collage - Workshop with Julia Dufault McGrath

Lower Carnegie Studio
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Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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July 6-8, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, with one hour for lunch.
Ages 18+

Develop your Intuitive Sense of Design and Color with Acrylic Collage
3-Day Workshop

It would be too easy to say that this is like simple doodling, we know it is not, but in a certain way, it is.
There are huge differences of course, instead of just using pen and paper, we’ll use acrylic paint, multiple colors, textures, stamps, stencils, acrylic mediums, string, and collage papers. So, with all of this? How is it like doodling? When one doodles, one lets themselves unconsciously make the decisions about where your pencil goes, i.e. what lines get heavier, go straight, go curvy, whether they create a pattern, it is all where your mind takes you, your hand, then to the pen and then to paper.

Intuitive Collage is the same in that you let yourself go and get totally immersed in the colors you start to lay down, it all starts from there. Aside from choosing the initial colors you lay down, a color plan, from there, there is no real “plan”. You let yourself “doodle” with the tools at your disposal and let the creative process take over. This Workshop is to encourage your Intuitive Self as an Artist, to let
yourself “Dance as if no one is Watching”, to revel in the joyfulness of creation.

Beyond the conventions of composition, there are no rules, this workshop is to let yourself delve into true self-exploration, where color, patterns, textures, line and shapes convey what you as the Artist is feeling, thinking, or wanting to project.

As an artist, we are always aware of values, colors, shapes, patterns, and the conventions of composition. These conventions and skills are and will be
continually kept in mind (or at the back of your mind) as you create, paint and collage. As you go along, for the most part, you will know what you will need to
do, and at the point when you don’t, there is an opportunity for group discussion and critique, as well as one-on-one discussions between student and instructor. 

We will discuss the application of collage materials, the necessary continuity and flow in collage, going from one area to another with smooth transition, color,
pattern, texture, different ways to create texture, the variety of Collage papers, and “mark making” with paint pens, stabilos, scrapers, etc.

The final goal of this Workshop is that the student completes a collage where there is strong Color (or Theme), varying hues, strong value usage, distinct textural and pattern areas, (achieved either with Collage papers or paint and modeling paste, string, or textured papers) successful use of shapes, images and then of course, the ollage must finish with a good solid overall Composition for a successful finish.

Students will use either Gesso Primed 300 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Art Panels (Ampersand Gesso Board, Clay Board) or Gesso Primed Wooden Panels.
Sizes can vary from 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 18 x 24. 16 x 20. These are all great sizes and students are encouraged to create more than one Collage during the Workshop,
but not mandatory.

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Julia Dufault McGrath

Artist and CTAC Instructor
CTAC Petoskey
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