Asphalt Roller Printing Opportunity

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October 12, 2019
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Large Scale Printing

We've teamed up with Elmer's to offer large scale printmaking opportunities.

We will turn the Crooked Tree Arts Center - Traverse City driveway into a large printing press. Bring your prepared wood block or carved linoleum to CTAC Saturday, October 12.

Asphalt Roller


CTAC will provide the ink and up-cycled linens for your printing surface.  Artists are welcome to provide their own paper or fabric.

Artists can carve 1/4" -3/4" MDF, Battleship Gray Linoleum or 1/4" Birch or Fir plywood. Your block may be cut to a shape or stay with the tried-and-true rectangle (shapes actually print better). Blocks should not be larger than 4' x 6'.  Please seal boards with either shellac or polyurethane at least 24 hours in advance.  This helps prevent your wood block from absorbing lots of ink.  We will not be inking boards that are not sealed. 

Please contact CTAC before October 4 if you will be participating with the size of your block.  231-941-9488 or