Mind Into Matter - Cynthia Rutherford

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Gilbert Gallery

Artist Statement

My show intends to be a visual journey of interpretation informed by memories, people, and events that have impacted and influenced the Artist, Woman, and Human that I have become.

My art takes its form from the lines of life itself; the lines twist and change, extend and accumulate and drip and are heavy and coarse, sometimes blunt, sometimes stupid, often tender and perhaps too often, sad, such as life itself.

My superimposition of textures, images, graffiti, glazes, and washes of paint create a “visual threshold,” which allows the viewer to look at, as well as through, the painting.  You are left with a palimpsest of preexisting stages.

Charles Baudelaire, one of my favorites, stated that “countless layers of ideas, images, [and] feelings have fallen successively on your brain…each buries the preceding, but none has really perished.  Whenever we look at something we see only through a cloudy lens of our own memories, dreams, desires and intentions.”

Painting for me serves as a metaphor for the phenomenon of recollection.  The way I paint simulates the process of remembering with all its layers and numerous textures.

Footnote: Palimpsest; something reused or altered, yet still bearing traces of the original.
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