Living Artfully: Creativity with the Grandkids

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Bonfield Gallery
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Free and open to the public.

Crooked Tree Arts Center is offering a new program entitled “Living Artfully,” that is accessible, affordable, and intergenerational. Through classes. lectures, and workshops, explore the power and joy of living creatively - you may even find hidden talents waiting to emerge!

Through the creative world of the arts, it’s possible to re-invent, re-imagine, re-assess, and re-ignite ways of finding joy in the continuation of life.

Studies show that creativity does not decrease with age, and may even become richer. Please come and explore the many ways to “Live Artfully.”

In July, we welcome local artist, Edy Stoughton.  In this hands-on workshop, Edy will guide grandparents and grandchildren as they explore creativity together. 

This workshop is intended for grandparents and grandchildren ages 10 and older.


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