Living Artfully: Creativity with the Grandkids

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Crooked Tree Arts Center is offering a new program entitled “Living Artfully,” that is accessible, affordable, and intergenerational. Through classes. lectures, and workshops, explore the power and joy of living creatively - you may even find hidden talents waiting to emerge!

Through the creative world of the arts, it’s possible to re-invent, re-imagine, re-assess, and re-ignite ways of finding joy in the continuation of life.

Studies show that creativity does not decrease with age, and may even become richer. Please come and explore the many ways to “Live Artfully.”

In July, we welcome local artist, Edy Stoughton.  In this hands-on workshop, Edy will guide grandparents and grandchildren as they explore creativity together.  This workshop is intended for grandparents and grandchildren ages 5-9.


About Edy Stoughton:

We are all busy people.  I have lots of irons in the fire and am blessed to be able to structure my days at this time of my life to intentionally fill them with things I love to do. Right at the top of the list of activities I most enjoy is art time with my grandchildren.  In fact, my 6 grandchildren call me their “art grandma.” I am an artist and a writer. I do those things for my own pleasure so naturally I want to share them with my grandchildren. We paint, mold with clay, try out new media and techniques and do writing prompts together.  We also make messes, laugh a lot and build our relationship. Mostly we have lots of fun.

There are a number of important benefits to these creative moments in addition to how enjoyable they are.  First, because you will be an active participant not an observer, your grandchildren will see you in a whole new light.  Many of us are known in our families as experts at something: cookie baking, gardening, being great story readers. Creating art may be an area in which you aren’t an expert and so you can be seen differently—as  a learner, a risk-taker and a creative person. It is good for our grandchildren to see us as multi-faceted, interesting and capable in many areas. It is good when we surprise them. I remember the pride I felt when my 6-year old granddaughter wrote on a kid’s writing table in a store, “My Nana is an artist.”  Kids love that these activities put you on a level playing field where you are both learners. Another extremely positive result of doing these things together is that it strengthens the bond between you. You get to know each other on a different basis and it builds deeper relationships to have this kind of cooperative fun together.  Best of all—you are building memories to last a lifetime. This might even start a tradition and you might become an “art grandma!”

My career as a teacher and school administrator for over 30 years has convinced me that teaching children to think and act creatively is one of the most important ways we can prepare them for life.  I believe the same is true for those of our generation. At all ages we need imagination, curiosity, flexibility of thinking, openness to new ideas and adventure. The link between grandparents and their grandchildren is so special that exploring and nurturing our creative side together in a fun, relaxed, interactive environment seems like a perfect blending.  These activities are an enjoyable way to open new windows for you and your grandchild.

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