Coffee @ Ten: Good Hart Artist in Residence, Mami Takahashi

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Good Hart Artist in Residence Mami Takahashi is a Japanese interdisciplinary artist, who integrates traditional and contemporary approaches in ideas, methods, and media to address perspectives on foreignness and Americanness. As a non-native English user and recent immigrant to the U.S., she incorporates her awkwardness in new culture, and her often clumsy English usage into visual practices. She shares the struggle non-native English speakers face when communicating with native English speakers, and the limits imposed through these interactions. Takahashi uses multiple methods of art-making such as painting, craft-making, digital video, performance, language-based works, and sound, frequently creating large-scale installations that explore the boundaries of social norms between cultures.

Join Takahashi as she talks about her art-making practice in Japan and her work in the U.S.  She will discuss what she has discovered about differences and similarities between the two cultures, and explain the project she is working on during her Good Hart Artist Residency. 

Takahashi received her MFA in Contemporary Studio Practice from Portland State University (Portland, OR) in 2013. She earned a BFA in Japanese Painting from Joshibi University of Art and Design (Japan), where she was awarded a prize for her thesis work. Takahashi also obtained an Associate of Fine Art in Aesthetics from Aoyama-gakuin Women’s College (Tokyo, Japan). Currently, she is a research scholar at the University of Oregon, focusing on the conceptual understanding of Japanese aesthetics. Her work has been collected and exhibited internationally at the following art establishments: Toriizaka Art in Japan; Gwangju Fork Art Museum in South Korea; Southern Alberta Art Gallery in Canada; International Museum in Texas; 510 Museum&ArtSpace; and Littman Gallery in Oregon.


Mami Takahashi

2018 Good Hart Artist in Residence
CTAC Petoskey