Coffee @ Ten: Fiber Futures with Marianne Fairbanks

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Gilbert Gallery

Fairbanks will outline the three distinct yet intersecting threads of her practice including her solo work, research into emerging textile technology, and a community-based project.  Her solo work investigates the connections between pliable textiles and Platonic solids; together, these mathematic logic systems serve as the springboard for bold, material-based work realized as weavings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. Beyond using the conceptual and formal potential of textiles, Fairbanks works collaboratively to develop new textile technologies including a fabric capable of harvesting solar power. Finally, there is Fairbanks’s social practice, most recently realized in a project called Weaving Lab: Plain Cloth Productions which explored whether access to looms as a social destination might create community and serve as a contemporary analog to the cottage and “fireside industries” of old.  She will discuss how each thread informs and strengthens the others in the symbiotic braid of her multidisciplinary practice.


Marianne Fairbanks

Exhibiting Artist
CTAC Petoskey
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