Writing Workshop: Found Photos

Visual Arts Classroom
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Wednesday, 3:30-5:00pm
Grade Range
9th grade - 12th grade
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Language Arts
Visual Arts

In this workshop, we’ll respond to “found photos”: snapshot images that have been lost or discarded by their subjects. What kinds of intended, implied, and accidental stories do everyday photographs suggest? The workshop will focus on vivid description and sensory detail, inviting writers to explore the situations, characters, and conflicts suggested by visual images. Attendees can bring their own found photos* or work with images provided by the instructor.

*You can find many online archives of “found photos” by searching with that term. Antique and thrift stores sometimes carry other people’s photographs. Older family photos, of relatives you don’t have a direct personal connection to, can also work for this purpose. Look for candid shots or posed photos gone awry!

This workshop is a part of our annual Youth Arts Festival, and is offered free of charge. Your pre-registration is appreciated.



Dr. Stephanie Carpenter

Creative writing instructor
CTAC Traverse City